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Book? Done. My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family!

Book? Done. My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family! In the midst of my husband, Scott Mackintosh‘s funny picture sporting those Daisy Duke style short-shorts gone VIRAL, my good friend and New York Times best selling author, Bridget Cook, called to say she had been watching this funny little short take on a […]

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Life’s Short Lessons: Best. Christmas. Ever.

Feeding the Homeless

Life’s Short Lessons:  Best. Christmas. Ever. Several years ago, the sudden turn of the economy pulled the rug out from under us financially. Some of our greatest hardships and greatest blessings came from what happened next. Scott closed up his concrete construction company of three decades, we put our home up for sale and he took an […]

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Speaking? A Book? What? Me? Us? Oh My!

Best Dad Ever Scott Mackintosh

Going viral was unexpected  – what happened next was even more surprising! My daughter Kelsey, put this video together to recap what I am talking about…. I think you will agree that she is very talented. I’d like to say she takes after me, but NO, all that techie stuff goes right over my head. […]

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