Book? Done. My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family!

Book? Done. My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family!

My Husband Wears the Short Shorts

In the midst of my husband, Scott Mackintosh‘s funny picture sporting those Daisy Duke style short-shorts gone VIRAL, my good friend and New York Times best selling author, Bridget Cook, called to say she had been watching this funny little short take on a life of it’s own as it traveled through the media.  Bridget offered to help me get a short little book out featuring “the story” emphasizing the WHY a dad would do such a thing and the effect it was having on the world.  Bridget suggested this be the lead story in the book followed by my personal life’s lessons in raising our seven children.  Another friend suggested we call it “My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family!”

“Great idea!”  I thought.

I knew I definitely had a lot of life lessons under my belt from raising SEVEN children; fours daughters and three sons.  The youngest two are teenagers ….still life lessons being learned.

Bridget interviewed us probing for details to the story that the media had not yet shared.  As she was busy creating the reenactment of   the story of Scott cutting his jeans to make a point to our daughter, I dove into writing ten life lessons that I learned in raising our large family in this faced paced and somewhat chaotic world.  I didn’t set out to write a specific number of lessons it just naturally happened, though the list could go on into the hundreds.  Wanting to keep this book short, I stopped at ten, with a bonus chapter written by our oldest son Tosh sharing lessons he learned from his dad who wears the short short in THIS family.

After weeks of constant writing, the book felt complete! – for now anyway.  Scott and I have a joint book we are working on that is more detailed, focused on specific life lessons WE learned from each of our seven children – in THAT book there will be SEVEN pretty awesome life lessons shared.

Every family is unique, but we all have a truck load of commonalities within our experiences as parents, families and people.  There is so much we can learn from each other and share with each other to help make this journey called life, more enjoyable and love-filled.

After several edits, tweaking and tweaking some more the book is finally FINISHED and on December 10th I uploaded the ebook to Amazon! Yep! You can order it right now!  The short-easy-to-read-and-promise-to-make-you-laugh book will hopefully be available in paperback before Christmas!

Book Cover

TODAY  KSL The Browser 5.0 invited Scott and I back onto the set of Scott’s very first interview about life after going viral – the book and all the crazy happenings since that dang unflattering picture went viral.

An unexpected surprise 

An unexpected surprise has been all the requests for Scott to speak at everything from corporate to youth groups.

We have done a lot of speaking together which has been really fun because we both LOVE to tell stories – life’s lessons that have been pivotal in shaping who we are today.

 We aren’t quite sure where all this is leading, it seems to have taken on a life of it’s own.  We’ve decided to take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

“One day at a time” consists of writing,  speaking, blogging, answering email  requests and enjoying my little grand babies.

On a side-note; today was the birth of our first grand-daughter – the priceless miracle of life.  I love being a grandmother now to three adorable little ones.  Many life lessons still to learn!

Grab your copy of “My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family!”  And watch for Life’s Short Lessons coming to Wisdom Window in 2014!


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