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What can you learn from someone who’s picture is recognized by millions all over the world?

Why would Newspapers in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan and others RUN this STORY in their papers?



It’s simple!  They found someone who was willing to go to ANY length and even at the risk of  embarrassing himself to teach a valuable lesson! 

Scott Short Shorts pic with borderWhat would it feel like if the LEADERS in your organization did whatever it took to ENSURE tasks were completed with INTEGRITY and would go to any length to ACCOMPLISH their GOALS? 

Scott’s DYNAMIC and down-to-earth content drives CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and COLLABORATION creating positive results within your organization and team. 

Scott believes life is a series of sales situations and how you CHOOSE to ACT, rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way is KEY to building relationships.

With Scott’s tell-it-like-it-is delivery and laugh-out-loud humor he will INSPIRE your group to take action to LEAD effectively, WORK as a team and ENJOY life more!


What audience members say: 

“Incredibly motivating and very relative.  Thank you for the value you brought.”

“Your presentation was exciting, inspirational, moving, entertaining, funny and filled with substance. Tremendous addition to our program.”

“Upbeat positive”

“Your message was uplifting and entertaining, yet very practical.”

HIRE Scott for your next Event, Conference, Workshop or Training.


‘On behalf of Triumph Youth Services and Triumph Academy thank you for taking the time to share your message with our parents, their families and especially their son’s (our students).  Your message was very clear and in my opinion you have a lot to offer and can help anyone that you speak to. For our group, you and your stories of life’s lessons and experiences were just what our students and their families needed to hear. We appreciate how engaging you were and how you kept the audience involved and in tune with your presentation. You give people hope for a better and brighter future.’

Sterling T. Lyman,  President, Triumph Youth Services/Triumph Academy


‘Thank you for your presentation on ‘Healing the Family with  Grace and Humor’ at our 1st Annual World Spiritual Health Organization Symposium. Your story about the ‘short shorts’ and more specifically, how you told that story, was a memorable message to our audience on love, reaching the heart of your child, and taking responsibility for personal choice.  Thank you for your professionalism, your candor and your sensitivity to our group. You were a delightful to work with.’

Tiffany Berg, Coughran Event Director


“Scott’s remarks were awesome and entertaining.  He had done his homework and found, in our company mission, a reminder of the importance of living up to our standards.  Thank you Scott for the value you brought!’

Glenn Hilesman, CEO-President, HighMark School Development


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