Speaking? A Book? What? Me? Us? Oh My!

Going viral was unexpected  – what happened next was even more surprising!

My daughter Kelsey, put this video together to recap what I am talking about….

I think you will agree that she is very talented. I’d like to say she takes after me, but NO, all that techie stuff goes right over my head. She made this video for her dad and I to use  speaking gigs. What speaking gigs? I know, WE are as surprised as you are. Let me back up a bit and explain what’s been happening.

While in the midst of going viral and doing interview after interview, New York Times Best Selling Author and good friend, M. Bridget Cook, called asking if she could interview me, my husband Scott, and my daughter Myley to help ME write a “short” book about the short shorts story, along with other life’s lessons we have learned in raising seven children. Wow! We have been busy writing – writing and more writing as quickly as possible to get this book done and up on Amazon.   The title?  It’s the perfect title; My Husband Wears The Short Shorts In THIS Family –  Parenting with Humor, Courage and a whole lot of LOVE.

Not only did my friend Bridget reaching out to us, but motivational speaker/author Chad Hymas called offering his advice.  If you don’t know Chad, I encourage you to get to know him. He’s been an incredible inspiration to me for a long time and it’s no surprise h is listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the ten most inspirational men in the world. Chad is a member of the Speakers Roundtable and the youngest to be inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame. I had been fortunate to work for Chad as an assistant to special projects. . Our telephone conversation that day went something like this,

“Becky, is Scott home?

“No, he is out of town until Saturday evening.”

“Okay, I will call back on Sunday. I want to talk to the both of you about becoming a speaker and sharing your message with the world.” He added, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

What Chad said next caught my attention,
“I am not essentially firing you, but I am firing you. And then I want to become your speaking coach. You will need to work really hard. Instead of putting 40 hours into me, I want you to put 40 hours a week into becoming a speaker. Can you do that?”

The following Sunday when Scott and I spoke to Chad we were overcome with feelings of both doubt and excitement.

“Can we really do this? YES, we CAN!”

We couldn’t ask for a better mentor or coach than Chad, it doesn’t get any better.


The crazy thing is that over the past 30 years of being married, I have asked Scott a number of times; “If you could BE anything and DO anything what would it be?” I would quickly add, “Besides being a professional hunting guide.”

Scott’s answer was always the same, “I would be a speaker! I would like to speak to teens and parents everywhere.”

I would pipe in, “What would you speak on? What would your platform be?” He’d s “I don’t know.”

Then I’d say in a skeptical kind of way, “Scott it’s not like church where they assign you a topic ….you have to have a platform.”

Well Scotty ….Guess what? Now you have a platform! It came unexpectedly, it’s a good one and the world apparently is wanting to hear it.

About three years ago, Scott started writing a book about his life lessons, a book to pass down to his children, but now I’m thinking it may go to a much broader audience. What do you think?

Before remembering the book that Scott has been writing, I bought the URL “Life’s Short Lessons” to build out a website to house all our “stuff”. It will be humorous, fun, inspiring and enlightening. To be LAUNCHED very very SoOn!

We didn’t plan for any of this to happen, we couldn’t have scripted it any better if we wanted. The opportunity to share what we love just opened up to us on it’s own. We are grateful, a bit nervous and over joyed for this new chapter.

Thanks for your support.
bEcky mAck 🙂



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