Scott & Becky Speak

…..on subjects that HEAL Hearts and CHANGE Lives.

Challenged by your children?  Traumatized by teens? Relationships on the rocks?

Scott and Becky Mackintosh get REAL as  they speak from experience and straight from their heart.

IMAGINE enhancing the SPARK in your marriage amidst life’s challenges and raising a family!

With an emphasis on STRENGTHENING relationships Scott and Becky MOTIVATE, INSPIRE and EMPOWER people, parents, teens and teams with down-to-earth wit and humor to…..

Scott Mackintosh Lasting Relationships - Moral Values LSL1. Put the FUN back into parenting, marriage and life!

2. Turn obstacles into incredible OPPORTUNITIES.

3. Tap into unseen personal POWER and inner POTENTIAL to become your BEST self.


“Their DYNAMIC and down-to-earth content will INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and have you LAUGHING-until you cry! 


“This dad gets dad of the year award.”  -Jimmy Fallon 


*Studies show companies who support employee’s family relationships have an increase in their performance, sales and overall results.  Marriage enhancement is becoming highly sought after training in the workplace or on company retreats.



“We valued your time, your message and your professional talent and how it impacted our event. You were delightful to work with. You were well prepared and stayed after the event to visit and encourage our attendees.”

~Tiffany Berg Coughran Event Director 

“Thank you for taking the time to share your message with our parents, their families and especially their son’s (our students).  Your life’s lessons and experiences were just what our students and their families needed to hear. We appreciate how engaging you were and how you kept the audience involved and in tune with your presentation. Most of all thank you for your example, not only to our students, but to us all.  You give people hope for a better and brighter future. ” ~Sterling T. Lyman, President, Triumph Youth Services/Triumph Academy

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