Create Meaningful Relationships


Do you desire to develop strong and genuine relationships with Family, Children, Spouse, Friends and Colleagues?

RELATIONSHIPS are KEY to SUCCESS in every area of your life.

Becky Mackintosh is a certified Ideal LifeVision coach.  When Becky is not speaking or tending her adorable grandchildren, she is coaching and training organizations as far away as India the same tools she is offering you TODAY!


Teaching at NIILM


NOW AVAILABLE is an Mp3 of Becky coaching you through the 7 Simple steps to Creating Your Relationship LifeVision.


Imagine the excitement as you develop…

  • CONFIDENCE in your ability to have strong relationships.

  • CLARITY in your purpose and what YOU have to offer the world.

  • FOCUS on what you REALLY want with the how, where and when to make it happen. 


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“Look, I’ve heard it all when it comes to strengthening relationships, and this implementation system is the REAL deal. I experienced REAL life-changing results.” ~ Marci 

 Receive a 3-part MP3 Download

that will take you from where you are to where you want to be!  


This is NOT another self-help program. It’s an IMPLEMENTATION system that gets…. REAL RESULTS!!


Get started today and watch your relationships transform. 


ALSO COACHING Packages Available – just ask! 

Have you every made a vision board?

Ideal LifeVision takes that vision board to the next level – actually up TEN levels!  It accelerates the Law of Attraction along with other universal laws.  This program has changed my life and it will change your life as I walk you through the simple steps to manifesting and creating your “ideal life”.   As you follow these steps your confidence grows, the way you interact with others improves and your relationships are strengthened.

Ideal LifeVision is NOT another self-help program. It’s an IMPLEMENTATION system From now on any time you want to act upon a new idea or tackle a monumental goal, you will know exactly HOW to convert or implement it into your life. This tool can be used in overcoming addictions and bad habits as well.

HIRE Becky to teach this results driven program to your organization and watch your team soar above your competition to success!  

These tools can be applied in every area of your life:  Relationships, Personal Development, Financial/Career, Spiritual, Health and Fitness.


Teaching LV at NIILMBecky Mackintosh teaching at the NIILM University in India

Aspire LifeMastery AcademyLV India Classroom



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